A diverse set of high-performing validators, is very important to the long-term health and evolution of the XRP Ledger.  Validator operators don’t get paid or compensated; they operate their validators because it’s generally in their interest to do so. The key concept in XRP Ledger is selecting a list of validators you trust won’t collude to defraud you. In that sense, validator operators which accept payment for operating a validator aren’t ideal. What the network needs isn’t more validators; it’s more independent validators. That’s why having a diverse group of validators, operated by people or companies that believe in the long-term success of XRP Ledger and want to help the network be as strong, robust and healthy as possible is important. And that’s why I’m excited to see @data443Risk, @bithomp, @RabbitKickClub, @xrptipbot/@WietseWind, @bitso and over 100 other entities, all focused on the long-term growth, health and success of XRP Ledger, operate validators.

By Nik Bougalis - @nbougalis